SCIentific INtegrity – In-Depth course (SCIIN-ID)

Despite the widely acknowledged importance of scientific integrity, until recently, it remained largely implicit. While most researchers are familiar with examples of fabrication, falsification and plagiarism (FFP) from the media, researchers will encounter less obvious scientific integrity dilemmas throughout their careers. Examples are authorship issues and difficulties publishing null-finding. Thus, worldwide, nationwide and at Maastricht University, awareness should be raised. Furthermore, there should be a provision for researchers to engage in discussions about dilemmas and challenges within a safe group.

The FHML/MUMC+ Platform of Scientific Integrity asked a workgroup comprising PhD students from each School and members of the platform to help develop the SCIentific INtegrity – In-Depth (SCIIN-ID) course. SCIIN-ID uses Problem-Based Learning (PBL), as it is ideally suited for small group discussions. This 1 ECTS course targets FHML/MUMC+ PhD students after their first year. The course emphasizes Responsible Research Practices (RRP) and incorporates three PBL cases along with an assignment.

The course can serve as an extension of the UM general PhD trainings course “research ethics and integrity”. It is designed for FHML aims to refresh and expand their knowledge on the subject. The course is also suited for PhD students who started prior to November 2021 and did not have the opportunity to participate in the Graduate School course.

Due to the use of video calling for tutorial groups, both internal and external PhD students have the opportunity to participate. In the future, additional courses will be organized. The specific day of the week and time for each course run are fixed but will vary between runs, ensuring that all internal and external PhD students have a chance to participate. If requested by PhD students, a more condensed version of the course can be arranged, consisting of the same five meetings condensed into a three-week period. Below are the dates for the course in the autumn of 2023.


  • Raise awareness.
  • Differentiate between questionable research practise and responsible research practise in all phases of research.
  • Acquire knowledge on where to find guidelines.
  • Integrate and solidify ethical practices into daily research routine.
  • Develop skills to speak up in case of concerns.
  • Engage in discussions regarding scientific integrity issues within a safe and supportive environment.

Course overview

Target group FHML/MUMC+ PhD students in their second year, who participated in the course on Research Ethics & Integrity from the UM general PhD trainings programme
Language English
Number of participants 18-24
Workload 1 ECTS
Meetings Five meetings of 1.5-2 hours (see schedule below)
Frequency One meeting every three weeks (see schedule below)
Certificate Participants who attend >78% of the meetings will get an electronic certificate; the last meeting is obligatory
Course fee Free for FHML/MUMC+ PhD students
Location Zoom
Method Problem-based learning in break-out rooms with approximately 6 participants

Dates upcoming course

Meeting Week Date Time* Duration
1 Week 8  23 February 11.00-12.30 1½  hour
2 Week 12 19 March 11.00-13.00 2 hours
3 Week 15 9 April 11.00-13.00 2 hours
4 Week 17 23 April 11.00-12.30 1½ hours
5 Week 19 7 May 11.00-13.00 2 hours


To register for SCIIN-ID, please fill out the registration form below. For more information, please send an email to Marjan Drukker at the following address:

PhD students without PBL experience receive some links to get to know PBL as a preparation for the course.