RDM Consultancy

Doing scientific research is a comprehensive and complicated process. Clarifying the entire research chain and getting started can be overwhelming.

After you have outlined the initial ideas, MEMIC offers advice in writing your Data Management Plan (DMP). We use the web-based tool DMPMaastricht, which is based on the international DMPonline tool. DMPMaastricht is hosted by Datahub Maastricht. Functional management is provided by MEMIC.  

With our 40+ years of experience in the data management field we can help you tackle questions concerning data management, standardization, IT, privacy, GDPR and security. Topics that will need to be dealt with in your DMP.

Depending on the size of your research, we will advise you on your options concerning the actual data management work. You might decide to keep this work for yourself, or decide it is better left to MEMIC.

Our consultancy is free of charge!

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