The International Classroom

What is the effect of diverse nationalities in the classroom on students’ performance? Is there an optimal balance between number and types of nationalities in a tutorial group and student performance? How do students’ nationality and other diversity characteristics shape classroom interactions and learning outcomes?

The impact of nationalities

These are the questions that Patrick Bijsmans (FASoS) and Carla Haelermans (SBE) are looking into in their research project on the international classroom and global citizenship education at Maastricht University, funded by Diversity & Inclusivity. 

Patrick and Carla will look at first-year classrooms in Bachelor's programmes at FASoS, FoL, FSE, SBE and FPN, and will combine quantitative data analysis with qualitative interviews and focus groups. The project builds on earlier quantitative research that Patrick has been conducting with Arjan Schakel (University of Bergen) and two BA European Studies alumni.

Patrick Bijsmans, Carla Haelermans