Integrity & ethics

At Maastricht University, we highly value integrity and ethically responsible research. The university strives to maintain scientific integrity and to make decisions in research based on high ethical standards. For example when it comes to research involving human participants or personally identifiable data, or animal testing.

Research ethics is concerned with the protection of human participants in scientific research projects. Informed consent by these participants is a cornerstone of ethical acceptability of research.

The REI Call for the Research Ethics & Integrity Grants is open!

The Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity has launched its annual call for their UM Ethics and Integrity Grants. This small Grant of 10k EUR can used for any project or activity aiming to facilitate Good Conduct of Research of our UM community.

Although any topic can be suitable, we specifically invite topics related to the recent changes in the academic climate due to the COVID19 pandemic.

 Please note: the call will close on 30 November 2020. For the first round, please e-mail us a 300 words abstracts by 30 November 2020.

  More information about the call and the conditions you can read here   

If you have a question or wish to have more information on the topic please send an email to platformrei[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl 

National Survey on Research integrity 

On 15 October, the National Survey on Research integrity, created by the Dutch research community to gather information on research norms, practices and behavioursis, is launched.

All UM researchers will receive this survey via e-mail. We would truly appreciate your recommendations about how we can improve ways of doing research while benefitting society as a whole.


#MeTooAcademia: The Learning Curve 

In cooperation with Studium Generale the UM Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity organises a theaterplay. #MeTooAcademia: The Learning Curve will be performed by Het Acteursgenootschap on 1 December.

The Learning Curve is a 40-minute play about sexual intimidation and abuse of power in a university context. It’s both humorous and bleak, and is written to be followed by a discussion. 

  Click here for more formation about the play and how you can sign up
  Please note: only a limited number of visitors can attend the performance.

Integrity and Ethics

Research ethics covers the whole research cycle:

  • design of the research project,
  • data collection,
  • safe storage of any resulting personal identifiable information. 

The regulations and guidelines for research ethics vary between disciplines. In biomedical research, the Medical Research Involving Human Participants Act (WMO) regulates research in which participants are subjected to a procedure or to certain rules of behaviour (but not research in which data is only collected from patient files).

The Code of Ethics for Social and Behavioural Sciences sets out guidelines for ethical research in these disciplines, based on the following principles:

  • respect for the dignity of participants,
  • treating participants and their communities with care,
  • avoiding exploitation and minimising harm to participants,
  • balancing the costs of research with potential benefits (such as the new relevant insights which will result),
  • reflecting on, assessing and monitoring ethical issues arising in connection with research.

UM Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity

To stimulate discussion within UM on research ethics and integrity the UM Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity was created.