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Below is some of the important practical information about MEMIC


MEMIC service

Are you an existing customer with an existing Service Level Agreement (SLA)? And you have question, or a request for change, then please contact our service team through this page and describe your request, or call us at +31 43 3882200.

This way the service team can set out your request to the right expert and keep track of the progress of your request.

In 2024 MEMIC is closed on the following days:

  • February 12 and 13, Carnival
  • March 29, Good Friday
  • April 1, Easter Monday
  • April 27, Kings day
  • May 5, Liberation day
  • May 9, Ascension day
  • May 10, Bridging day
  • May 20, Whit Monday
  • Dec 25 until January 1, 2025 Christmas and New Year's Day