PAS Festival will be a biennial festival

PAS Festival
Maastricht University’s Studium Generale has been organising the freely accessible PAS Festival at the start of each academic year since 2014. PAS stands for Pleasure, Art & Science.

During the PAS Festival, Maastricht University opens its doors to anyone who wants to get acquainted with the university and the research that takes place there. Over the space of two evenings, more than 60 activities take place each evening. Scientists from the university present the results of their research through lectures, conversations and (interactive) demos, etc. There are also cultural activities, such as theatre and dance performances, concerts, video presentations and exhibitions.

The festival connects the university with the city, art with science, researchers with society, and students with other citizens of Maastricht.

Given all the positive reactions from the audience, volunteers and participants, Studium Generale would like to continue organising the festival on an annual basis. However, this is not feasible, due to rising costs and increased pressure on the small team of organisers. To maintain the size and quality of the festival, Maastricht University has decided to hold the festival every two years instead. This means there will be no edition in 2023. But we will be back again in 2024, at the start of the academic year.

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