Maastricht Foundations of Law Colloquia

Past colloquia

15 March 2023
Prof. J. J. Moreso (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)
Title: On the scope of the exclusion of "Razian" reasons

29 March 2023
Antonia Waltermann (Maastricht University)
Title: Can zombies make law?

19 April 2023
Donald Bello Hutt (Universidad de Valladolid)
Title: The State and the Rule of Law

10 May 2023
Daniel Augenstein (Tilburg University)
Title: As Beyond So Below: European Sovereignty and Economic Globalisation 

31 May 2023
Stijn Smet (Hasselt University) In collaboration with the Montesquieu Institute
Title: How to Build Constitutional Resilience Against Democratic Erosion (by Populists)?

21 June 2023
Tamar de Waal (University of Amsterdam)
Title: Unconditional Belonging: the case for welcoming refugees as if they will stay

20 September 2023
Kenneth Ehrenberg (The Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy)
Title: Moral Facts cannot Ground Legal Facts if Law is an Institution

11 October 2023
Aileen Kavanagh (Trinity College Dublin's School of Law)
Title: The Collaborative Constitution

1 November 2023
Dirk Heirbaut (University of Ghent)
Title: Redefining Codification

22 November 2023
Eline Couperus (Maastricht University, Department of Foundations of Law)
Title: The Freedom to conduct a business: searching for ÔÇťOpenness"

13 December 2023
Michele Ubertone (Maastricht University, Department of Foundations of Law)
Title: Questions of Application

31 January 2024
Andrej Kristan (Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy, University of Genoa)
Title: Algorithmic Modelling of Norms Efficacy

7 February 2024
Hans Lindahl (Tilburg University, Queen Mary University of London)
Title: Political Reflexivity and Authoritative Lawmaking in the Anthropocene

21 February 2024 
Martti Koskenniemi (University of Helsinki)
Title: The Law of an International Society - A Road Not Taken

28 February 2024 
Manon Moerman (Maastricht University, Foundations of Law)
Title: Normative hybridity in private partnerships: an exploration into the rules of conduct for business partners in early modern Amsterdam (1601-1791)

13 March 2024
Giovanni Tuzet (Bocconi University)
Title: Can Machines Make Statements? On AI and Testimony 

20 March 2024
Hylkje de Jong (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Title: Disinheritance and passing over of heirs in late Byzantine law

10 April 2024
David Duarte (University of Lisbon)
Title: Discretion: An Analytical Approach

15 May 2024
Sebastian Reyes Molina (Maastricht University, Foundations of Law)
Title: A Matter of Pedigree: Judicial Review & Legal Interpretation

22 May 2024
Ulf Linderfalk (Lund University)
Title: The International Legal System as a System of Knowledge
This event is co-organized with the Globalization & Law Network

19 June 2024 
Lukasz Dziedzic (Maastricht University, Foundations of Law)
Title: Legal Personhood and Agency in the Age of the Rights of Nature