Maastricht Foundations of Law Colloquium

Programme 2023/2024

31 May  
Stijn Smet (Hasselt University) In collaboration with the Montesquieu Institute
Title: How to Build Constitutional Resilience Against Democratic Erosion (by Populists)?
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21 June
Tamar de Waal (University of Amsterdam)
Title: Citizenship without citizenship: a case for fully separating legal and social citizenship

20 September
Kenneth Ehrenberg (The Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy)
Title: TBA

11 October
Aileen Kavanagh (Trinity College Dublin's School of Law)
Title: The Collaborative Constitution

1 November
Dirk Heirbaut (University of Ghent)
Title: Redefining Codification

22 November
Eline Couperus (Maastricht University, Department of Foundations of Law)
Title: Should Economic Liberties be Fundamental Rights?

13 December
Michele Ubertone (Maastricht University, Department of Foundations of Law)
Title: Questions of Application

17 January
Andrej Kristan (Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy, University of Genoa)
Title: TBA

Past colloquia

15 March
Prof. J. J. Moreso (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)
Title: On the scope of the exclusion of "Razian" reasons

29 March
Antonia Waltermann (Maastricht University)
Title: Can zombies make law?

19 April
Donald Bello Hutt (Universidad de Valladolid)
Title: The State and the Rule of Law

10 May
Daniel Augenstein (Tilburg University)
Title: As Beyond So Below: European Sovereignty and Economic Globalisation