Pre-master's programmes

Are you a University of Applied Sciences student looking to obtain a university Master's degree? Or is your bachelor’s study insufficient for admission to the master’s programme of your choice? In either case, you can do a pre-master's programme. It will give you the knowledge and skills you need to participate in the master's programme.


Below you will find an overview of the pre-master’s programmes at Maastricht University. They have a maximum length of one academic year (60 ECTS).



For some master's programmes, admission arrangements have been made with higher-education institutions such as Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. Entry requirements may include completing a certain minor during the Applied Sciences bachelor’s or following specific courses, such as statistics, academic writing or methodology.

Admission requirements in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Is it not possible to send us a copy of your bachelor diploma because you will not complete your bachelor before the end of August 2020? In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Maastricht University will be lenient towards pre-master applicants who have been conditionally admitted to a UM pre-master’s programme and who are unable to send us a certified hard copy of their prior education before the end of August 2020 because they have not been able to complete their prior education yet. This means that you can be enrolled for your pre-master even if you haven’t completed your bachelor programme. Click here for more information. 

Deadline for filing such request is 1 September 2020.
  Please note:
 credits obtained up until 31 August 2020 will be taken into account when enrolling without having completed your prior education (‘zachte knip- regulation’).

When can an application be filed?

You can find more information on the rules for enrolment that are relevant for you on the webpage of your study programme. In general terms, the following requirements will apply when enrolling without having completed your prior education (zachte-knip regulation):

  • Students can start a pre-master programme in September 2020 if they have obtained at least 80% of the ECTS from the final year of their bachelor's programme (for a 3-year bachelor’s programme, a maximum of 12 ECTS from year 3 may be missing; all ECTS from years 1 and 2 must have already been obtained).
  • The generally applicable admission requirements will remain in force, such as language requirements or that the content of the student’s prior education must be appropriate for the chosen pre-master's programme.

How do you file an application?

Have you read the conditions and do you think you qualify for this arrangement? Then please follow these steps:

Any Questions about filing an application?

Please send an email to admission-ssc[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl.
  Please note: There might be an overlap if you still have to follow bachelor’s courses or exams in combination with your pre-master’s courses and exams. The Scheduling Office cannot keep your bachelor’s education in mind when scheduling pre-master’s classes.

A good match

In case you haven’t made up your mind yet: UM is a great place for students coming from a university of applied sciences. First, because the focus isn’t on lectures, but on collaboration between students.

Under the supervision of a tutor, you team up with ten to fifteen students to tackle real-life challenges. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is an active way of learning that gives you better retention of knowledge, enhances your motivation and encourages you to develop skills that are essential for the labour market in the 21st century. In short: PBL is all about you, your tutors are very approachable and you learn together in a dynamic way, helping form you into an assertive professional. 

  Read more about Problem-Based Learning