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Practical Information


Almost all the Studium Generale lectures on offer are free of charge and open to everyone, including students, non-students, university, staff and people not affiliated to the university. Occasionally, a small admission fee can be charged. When this is the case, you will find information with regard to the fee together with the information about the specific lecture. For most of the activities it is possible to make a reservation. It is often fully booked. If you did not make a reservation you can come and have a look if places come available on the evening itself. This is often the case.

Lecture series

For the lecture series, you are kindly requested to register in advance and to pay the registration fee. You will receive an attendance certificate signed by the rector at the end of the lecture series. Students and university staff can get a discount on the fee. More information about registration and payment can be found at the lecture series itself.


Tongersestraat 53 and Minderbroedersberg 4-6 have parking facilities. You are allowed to park here when a Studium Generale activity takes place at one of these locations for the duration of the event. There are no charges. Please note: the parking closes at 22:00, so make sure that you leave in time!


The buildings and lecture halls are wheelchair accessible. An adjusted toilet is available as well. 


Smoking is prohibited in all UM buildings.


There is no guarded wardrobe. Studium Generale will not be liable for any loss, theft or damage of any kind.

Financial Support

Studium Generale receives financial support of:  Andi Smart Print Solutions / Hotel Les Charmes / Studio Eikenhorst / Wine Restaurant Mes Amis.

Studium Generale receives generous financial support for PAS – Parcours of Art and Science from Stichting Elisabeth Strouven, Stichting Kanunnik Salden, the Studium Generale Foundation (Stichting Studium Generale), the Executive Board of the University and the Student Services Centre of  Maastricht University.

Studium Generale receives financial support from Studium Generale Foundation. The Studium Generale Foundation (Stichting Studium Generale) is a “Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling” (Public Benefit Organisation).

Studium Generale also receives financial support from private donors. We want to thank our sponsors for this support.
If you would like to support the Studium Generale program, please contact us: 043 - 388 53 07 or send us an email:

Studium Generale Committee

The committee serves as a feedback group for the Studium Generale and gives advice about the programme and other matters.

Currently the members of the committee are:

dr. Lars Eijssen, prof. dr. Tim Huijts,  prof. dr. Bernadette Jansma, dr. Marietje Kardaun, Anna Moriarty Linthorst (student member), prof. dr. Hans Nelen, prof. dr. Jascha de Nooijer (chair),  dr. Dieudonnée van de Willige

The committee meets approximately seven times every year. 

More information?

The activities of Studium Generale are announced in the "Studium Generale Brochure", which is distributed within Maastricht University and in various public places, bars, etc.
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Suggestion Box

Studium Generale is always looking for new angles, actual topics and relevant speakers. Do you have a good idea or tip? Is there a topic you would like to learn more from?

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