Volunteering roles

Whether you've just graduated or have been part of the Alumni Community for a long time, you can always remain actively involved at Maastricht University, you're more than welcome! Think, for example, of a role as a coach for master students and starters on the labor market, participation in an advisory board or committee and above all sharing your knowledge and skills with (future) UM students in whatever form; personal conversations, supervising projects, lectures, workshops or participation in an open day.

In addition, the Limburg University Fund is always looking for new donors. As a donor you can financially support your Alma Mater and contribute to scientific research of your choice or to the University in general.

Below we explain more about the possibilities. Please send an email to alumni@maastrichtuniversity.nl if you have a question or click here to sign up to give back.

At Maastricht University, the foundation was laid for my current career. It’s great to see that our alma mater actively contributes to important societal issues. As an engaged former student, I am happy to support these ambitions. alumnus (2005)  

Donor Davy Pieters | UM

Coach at a CoachCafé

Contribute financially

Are you interested in specific research or are you looking to invest in the international character of the university? As a donor of the University Fund Limburg, you help the university to remain a successful scientific institute. With your contribution, small or large, we help talented students to realize their ambitions, create special facilities for education and research and contribute to the preservation of academic heritage in Maastricht.

Help with accreditation

During the accreditation of programs, the accreditation commissions regularly ask alumni to share their experiences with the program. Moreover, alumni elaborate on possible points for development and opportunities for the future of the program.

Join an Advisory Board

Advisory boards support faculties in terms of strategic direction, quality improvement and assessment of the programs. It exists of faculty board members, students, alumni (in the work field) and international and or national university members. The members of the Advisory Boards can also act as ambassadors for the faculty or university and help create collaborations with strategic companies, research institutions and partnerships.

Join an Alumni Community Committee

Alumni communities relate to a specific subject, study or faculty and aim to share knowledge and broaden networks. The communities are self-reliant because they are themselves responsible for activities such as meetings, lectures or workshops. The committees consist of a relevant delegation from the UM community: employees, students and alumni.

Alumni circles offer the opportunity to get in touch with other UM alumni and your Alma Mater. After their studies, alumni of Maastricht University fly out all over the world. There are Alumni Circles in the Netherlands, Europe and far beyond. A circle can serve various purposes: sometimes the emphasis is on social contacts; in other cases, a circle's program focuses on network development. Alumni circles organize network or theme meetings, workshops or informal gatherings. All circles ensure that alumni stay informed of developments within and outside UM, and that they can learn from the experiences their fellow alumni have in the field of companies and/or institutions in the region. An alumni circle committee consists of approximately four alumni and is supported by the Alumni Office.

Click here for an overview of our alumni circles and communities. 

Provide a lecture or workshop

To improve the alignment between the work field and the study program, the UM stimulates the input of alumni in its educational programs. Alumni can contribute by providing lectures and workshops about their area of expertise. Moreover, alumni can provide workshops or lectures during alumni events such as the UM Alumni Day.

Business collaboration

PREMIUM is Maastricht University’s Honours programme for high-performing, motivated master’s students. Interdisciplinary teams of students work on a project from a client from the (local) business or the government sector under the guidance of a project mentor. Please click here if you or your employer is interested in providing a PREMIUM project.

We are also always looking for internships, please let us know if you want to offer an internship! Send an e-mail to careerservices@maastrichtuniversity.nl. Thank you!

Public relations and events

UM has various platforms on which interviews with alumni are regularly published. The newsletter of the Alumni Office and SBE (SBE-news) and the UMagazine are examples of these platforms. UM would like to receive testimonials in which alumni talk about their experiences at UM.

UM considers it important that aspiring students end up in the right place. To help them make a choice of study, UM organizes open days and fairs where they get to know the study programs and the university better. The presence of alumni at these events is very valuable to inform future students about the study program and career prospects.

It can be valuable for prospective students, current students and alumni to contact alumni of the relevant study programme/faculty to ask them questions about the study period and/or career. That is why we are also looking for alumni who want to share information on a personal level about a study or career with students or other alumni.