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Welcome at Studium Generale! We are part of the Student Services Centre, a department of Maastricht University.  We offer a programme of lectures, debateslecture series and the PAS-festival. Below you'll find our actual programme overview.

Programme overview

The Golden Discovery of Merging Neutron Stars

Monday 27 November, 8 pm
Gideon Koekoek, PhD
Assistant professor at Maastricht Science Programme


On October 16th of this year, the world was presented with the news that, for the first time in history, the merging of two neutron stars was seen by gravitational wave detectors. This discovery solved at least five major astrophysical mysteries in one go.


Koekoek SG

Separatism and Sovereignty in the EU, i.e. Cataluña

Debate Cafe
Tuesday 28 November, 8 pm
Debaters: Prof. Jure Vidmar, Professor International and European Law, UM
Arjan Schakel, PhD Assistant Professor in Research Methods Political Science, UM 
Pablo del Hierro, PhD, Assistant Professor in History, UM
Anna Herranz-Surralles, PhD, Assistant Professor Political Science, UM​
Moderator: Rob van Duijn, Studium Generale, UM

To many of us the escalating situation in Cataluña comes somewhat as a surprise. But when we look into the history of regional government in Europe it should actually not be too strange that the call for more autonomy and even independence is very much alive.


Debate Cafe Seperatism and Sovereignty 2

University Professors Take the Stage II

Double Lectur
Thursday 7 December, 8 pm
Prof. Clemens van Blitterswijk
Professor of Complex Tissue Regeneration, UM
Prof. Ron Heeren
Professor of Molecular imaging, UM

Tonight two of our distinguished university professors will speak about the front-rank research conducted at our university in two short lectures of half an hour each.



Univeral Human Rights in Diverse Societies

Monday 11 December, 8 pm
Prof. Eva Brems
Professor of Human Rights Law, Ghent University

This lecture will explore what it means to realize universal human rights in contexts of human diversity. How can we deal with diverging interpretations of human rights between majority and minority cultures?


Earth flag by Oscar Pernefelt (2015)
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      Vanavond spreekt de BV-er (bekende Vlaming), ex-oorlogscorrespondent en auteur van "Samen voor ons eigen: sociaal gedrag van de prehistorie tot de Faceboekgeneratie" en "Het succes van slechte seks" Dirk Draulans voor Studium Generale. Entree gratis. U bent wederom van harte welkom!

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    • Photo by Studium Generale, Maastricht University

      In October spectacular news came out: the collision of two neutron stars had been watched for the first time by an international team of researchers.

      Gideon Koekoek will explain on Monday 27 November what is so special about this discovery and why it has sparked a new era in astronomy.

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