FSE STEM Graduate school

The FSE STEM Graduate school (STEM GS) supports all PhD students of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) and is rapidly growing. The FSE STEM Graduate school optimises education and training of PhD students and facilitates and monitors the quality and progress of research projects.

FSE STEM Graduate school

Objective of the FSE STEM Graduate school is to broaden the horizon of its PhD students and to offer a vivid community for PhDs to share experiences.

Research and education

Whether your research involves training computer models in artificial intelligence, studying the universe with gravitational wave detectors, examining the psychology of food in food science or building multi-scale models of organisms in systems biology, the FSE STEM Graduate school and its research school partners enable you to make the most of your PhD experience. PhD students at the FSE STEM Graduate school have access to all of the Faculty of Science and Engineering’s facilities.

You can:

  • Make use of our extensive research laboratories
  • Follow a wide variety of courses and skills trainings offered by the FSE STEM Graduate school and also FSE affiliated research schools
  • Use our fully supported ICT infrastructures including state-of-the-art computer clusters
  • Gain teaching experience in a highly diverse and international environment. FSE is home to three Liberal Arts and Sciences programmes that provide small- scale and personalised bachelor tracks: University College Maastricht, University College Venlo and Maastricht Science Programme.


All PhD vacancies are posted on Academic Transfer

Regulations for promotion

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Enrolling in a PhD programme at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) is a fantastic opportunity to develop your talent. It is a personal development journey, throughout which you enhance your scientific expertise as well as teaching and management skills.

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  • The organisation
  • Whom to go to
  • Your personal development
  • Courses
  • Your teaching experience
  • Your planning 
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