VerDus-Synthesis Study: Urban Sustainability Transitions: Energy, Climate, & Circularity

How do we involve citizens in the sustainability transition? When do they start participating? What solutions could reliably count on wide public support and how do we find these? What implications could such an approach have for governmental practices? What barriers do sustainable solutions encounter at the institutional level and how could these be overcome?

By synthesizing the results of twelve different research projects, Joop de Kraker and René Kemp (Maastricht Sustainability Institute) try to provide answers to questions like these. The synthesis study deals with the nature of solutions for urban sustainability issues and the consequences for the implementation of these. These answers are supported with examples from the different research projects.

The authors formulate six major lessons for addressing urban sustainability transitions. In the final chapter, the authors take a look at the future ahead: what progress can we expect from the urban sustainability transition, and what research themes would therefore deserve more attention.

You can read the report here.

The VerDus SURF Festival took place on the 25th of March this year. Here a session dedicated to this study was held with not only Joop de Kraker and René Kemp but also Luca Bertolini (UvA), Michaela Hordijk (UvA) and Chelsea Kaandorp (TUD)!

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VerDus-Synthesis Study: Urban Sustainability Transitions

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