Diversity & Inclusivity

Maastricht University is committed to nurturing an inclusive culture. As one of the most international universities in Europe, we are aware and proud that our strength lies in diversity. We strive to go well beyond quotas and compliance: we are determined to foster an environment in which everyone feels welcome and valued.


Inclusivity is one of the main goals of UM's Strategic Programme Community at the Core.


We strive to include staff and students from all walks of life to participate in the wonderful community at UM. From guest speaker events to long term projects funded by the D&I Grants, there is always something you can get involved with and join in. As a family-friendly university we aim to facilitate study and career for students and staff with caring responsibilties.


Check out our website and get in touch if you want to be involved, have questions or suggestions.

Map of facilities at UM locations

Click on the green button to open the map to see at which UM location you will find the following facilities:

  • all gender toilets
  • accessible toilets
  • lactation- and resting rooms
  • baby-changing facilities


  • Ophelie Hue

    Inclusiveness – also for you

    Thursday, July 16, 2020

    Maastricht University is standing by its commitment to being an inclusive university – and is constantly seeking dialogue and making improvements. The problem is that this is a largely invisible process to most members of the UM community – until now.

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  • diversity and inclusivity grants

    UM Heritage – experience to understand

    Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    The UM Diversity & Inclusivity Grant has enabled three students to travel and share the landscapes, people and customs that shaped them. UM Heritage’s Daniel Bogdanski talks about their journey to discovering their own and each other’s heritage.

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  • cortege

    UM: sharpest rise in the number of female professors

    Friday, December 13, 2019

    The percentage of female professors in Maastricht now stands at 29.7%, earning UM a shared second place in the Women Professors Monitor 2019 together with Leiden University. 

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For confidential reports or notifications of discrimination or sexual harassment, contact the confidential advisors for employees or students.

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