MSA Nour

MSA Nour’s mission is to represent and unite all the Muslim (followers of the Islam religion) students of Maastricht. We aim to contribute to their academic and religious identity. Secondly, we aspire to form a bridge between the Muslim and non-Muslim students, to create a multicultural community where everyone feels welcome, can learn from each other and most importantly, make new friends! MSA Nour is founded on 10 March 2019.



  • For all students in Maastricht, by students in Maastricht

  • To bring together the (international) Muslim community in Maastricht

  • To learn about each other's cultures, overcoming prejudices and stereotypes

  • To be a place for open discussion and debate, with respect, dignity and tolerance for the other

  • To be a place to learn about Islam and the Arabic language

  • To be a warm and safe harbour for all who are in need for a listening ear

  • To be a place for those who are ready to make life-lasting friendships

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