PAC: Network for Parents & Carers

In the framework of the UM Cares project, UM has established a network for parents and carers.
This network serves two main purposes: firstly, it has a peer support function for students and staff with caring responsibilities to connect and share experiences. Secondly it serves as a sounding board for input and feedback for the UM Cares project and for informing the UM community about the project progress.

Join the network!

The network is open for all students and staff with caring responsibilities to join.
Email us from your UM account to register for the network by clicking the green button.

On 12 November 2020 the PAC network was launched with an online event. Staff and students shared their stories and expectations for this network in two videos.
In the first video staff and students are taking a lead, and in the second video the organisation's point of view is shared by UM's managers and a study advisor.

You are not the only one!
Observant recently had a nice interview with two UM students with caring responsibilties.


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Online platform in MS Teams

We choose to use MS Teams as an online platform. A place where you can find useful information and resources for both parents and carers, in English and in Dutch. Also you can contact, chat or video call with a peer member from the network.

Once registerd for the PAC network, you will receive an invitation for the Teams environment.