Sharing insights from environmental law scholars with students

Environmental Law Lecture series

The online accessible lecture series “Strengthening EU Environmental Law: Legal Perspectives on Greening Europe” provides a set of important insights from European environmental law scholars on how EU environmental law helps to achieve the aim of a high level of environmental protection in the European Union and across the world. Critical reflections will be shared on the advantages and shortfalls of the current EU environmental law acquis. 

Environmental Law Lectures series

With the European Green Deal from 11 December 2019 the European Commission tabled an ambitious legislative program, based on fundamental aims such as zero pollution, do no harm, and climate neutrality. Many legal developments took place and are still on-going, both at the European and national regulatory levels as in the courtroom, including the national courts. While efforts to protect the environment are direly needed, including effective implementation and enforcement, the regulatory acquis, and the flow of case law, has become utterly complex which poses challenges for acquiring a good understanding and application.

Good understanding of EU environmental law

This lecture series aims to help everyone interested into EU environmental law to acquire a good understanding of the fast developing EU environmental law acquis. This series started in the second half of the academic year 2022-2023. In that year, six lectures were delivered; all were recorded and put on YouTube.

During the academic year 2023-2024 the lecture series continued with ten lectures covering diverse topics such as Access to environmental information, Access to justice in environmental matters, the role of EU agencies and the European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change, the European Climate Law, the European Emissions Trading Scheme, and Renewable energy and energy efficiency law. Lecturers from various countries participated, namely Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the UK/Scotland, and The Netherlands.

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Room for discussion

Students of Maastricht University were invited to attend this extra-curricular series on-site, and approximately 25 to 35 participants attend every lecture, with approximately 25 to 35 online participants. This new mode of sharing insights from environmental law scholars is specifically chosen given the dynamic (fast) development of the EU environmental acquis. The lectures provide the scholars an opportunity to discuss developments of EU environmental law in a much faster way compared to the traditional output by means of articles or books. The discussions taking place after each lecture helps the scholars to refine their thoughts, also in light of written, peer-reviewed publications yet to develop.

The lecture series is part of the GreenDeal-NET initiative and hosted by MCEL and METRO, in cooperation with GLaw-Net. It is coordinated by Professor Marjan Peeters, and co-managed by Liam Siry (PhD student) and Britt van Soest (Law Events Office).  

Written by: Marjan Peeters.

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