MUNDO - Knowledge for Development

MUNDO is the Maastricht University Centre for International Cooperation in Academic Development. MUNDO aims to contribute to development through better (higher) education and research. MUNDO facilitates international partnerships between Maastricht University and institutions in low and medium income countries around the world. The principal objective of these partnerhips is to strengthen the educational and research capacity of our partners. In doing so we also contribute to the international profile and internationalization of Maastricht University.

In the cooperation with our partners MUNDO involves faculty and other staff and sometimes also students of Maastricht University.

MUNDO's mission


  Through Academic cooperation across the world, our purpose is to create an atmosphere which stimulates people to learn from each other for their individual benefit and for the benefit of the institutions and societies they represent.  


What we do

  • Analysis of educational programmes and informed advice on their improvement

  • Introduce interactive student-centred ways of teaching/learning
  • Curriculum development

  • Curriculum improvement

  • Develop skills training as an integral part of a curriculum

  • Improve quality assurance
  • Education change management
  • Internationalisation and developing the international classrooom
  • Developing the research agenda, the research environment and research cooperation
  • Staff training
  • PhD training


MUNDO - Goals

For whom?

We partner with public and private universities, knowledge institutions, governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) involved in providing higher education, training and conducting research.

The goals our partners share with us include:

  • Making educational programmes more interesting, challenging and relevant for students.
  • Making graduates better prepared and equipped to serve their societies.
  • Conducting innovative research to address challenges our societies are facing.
  • Liaise with society and to contribute to its development by extending and sharing knowledge.

Maastricht University is a leader in student centred learning, including problem based learning, outcome based education, skills training as an integral part of curriculum and competence based learning.

If your institution is also dedicated to these concepts, we may be the partner you are looking for.


  • Two PhDs last steps in capacity building trajectory in international law for Indonesia

    Thursday, July 15, 2021

    Two Indonesian PhD candidates are scheduled to defend their theses in the coming months. Both candidates are staff members of the international law department of the Faculty of Law of Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD), and the defence of their PhD research is the last in a chain of activities, stretched over a period of six years,  aiming to build capacity in state-of-the-art knowledge in international law for Indonesia.

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  • UM PhD student solves major waste collection problem in Ghana

    Tuesday, September 1, 2020

    Through his research, Kwaku Oduro-Appiah, PhD candidate at Maastricht University, has succeeded in making a spectacular contribution to solving the problems of waste collection and processing in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

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  • UM participates in EU project in Thailand

    Wednesday, April 22, 2020

    In the first week of March Mundo director Han Aarts visited Thailand for the kick-off of a new EU funded project. Led by the Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) this project will focus on strengthening resilience for climate change among socio-economically vulnerable urban communities. Maastricht University will contribute with knowledge and training.

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