Organisation and Staff

SBE Dean and Board

SBE is headed by a Dean, who is appointed by the Maastricht University Executive Board. In addition to holding primary responsibility for education and research as laid down by law, the Dean has been mandated with management responsibilities by the Executive Board, and thus holds overall accountability for the School.

The Dean manages SBE together with the SBE Board. The Board is responsible for the general management of the School, as well as the management and organisation of SBE's education and research.

The current members of the SBE Board are listed below.

Name Title
Prof. Dr. Mariëlle Heijltjes Dean (Chair) 
Drs. Edward Peters Managing Director
Prof. Dr. Wilko Letterie Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching
Prof. Dr. Alexander Grigoriev Associate Dean for Research
Prof. Dr. Gaby Odekerken

Associate Dean for Internationalisation and Impact

Cedric Pots Student Representative
Drs. Simone Franssen Secretary to the SBE Board

Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners is an independent and expert body whose members are appointed by the SBE Board. The Board of Examiners is responsible for implementing the university's Education and Examination Regulations (in Dutch, the onderwijs- en examenregelingen, or OERs), establishing guidelines and instructions within the framework of these regulations, issuing certificates and guaranteeing the quality of exams. The board handles exemption requests and complaints relating to test results. It also appoints the examiners responsible for conducting tests and exams.

The SBE Board of Examiners is presently chaired by Dr. Stefan Straetmans.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is a representative body comprised of members of the student population, academic staff and support and management staff. The council may issue advice to the board, solicited or otherwise, on all faculty affairs and make its positions on educational affairs known.

The current members of the Faculty Council are listed below.

Name Title
Lieve Hendrikx Council Secretary
Marc Dijk Staff member
Marc van Ekert Staff member
Huub Mudde Staff member
Peter Bollen Staff member
Rasma Molenaar Staff member
Lorenzo Borchers Student member
Joris Adema Student member
Romijn Kroep Student member
Jules de Kock Student member
Jasper Gielen Student member

Julot Rijk

Student member

Ien Bakker Advisor on behalf of MSM
Erik Bartels Advisor on behalf of MSM
Stef Bolte Advisor on behalf of MSM
Huub Mudde Advisor on behalf of MSM

Manon Souren

Advisor on behalf of MSM

Programme Committee

The Educational Programme Committee plays a major role in educational quality assurance and improvement within SBE. Consisting of students and academic staff, it is an independent body installed by law to secure the position of the student. The Educational Programme Committee is asked by the SBE Board or the Educational Institute (EdIn) for consent on some educational matters like the EER, and can issue advice, solicited or otherwise, on other issues. The Board and EdIn are then obliged to inform the Educational Programme Committee of the actions taken with respect to its recommendations.

The Educational Programme Committee can be reached at

The Educational Programme Committee 2022/2023 consists of:z

Staff   Department
Sanne Jongen   Chair (FIN)
Alexander Louwes   Secretary (PDQA)
Nalan Bastürk   (QE)
Inken Gast   (ERD)
Carl Vandenboorn   (FIN)
Sarah Edris   (OSE)
Christian Kerckhoffs   (MPE)
Lars Rieser   (AIM)
Karsten Mau   (MILE)
Liubov Pakhomova   (MSCM)
Pomme Theunissen   (DAD)
Maud Huynen   (MSI)
Leonhardt van Efferink   (MILE)


 Student members Degree Programme

Daphne Macguardian


International Business

Silvia Maragno


International Business

Luis Mrowka Bachelor International Business

Ambar Khawaja

Bachelor International Business
Faizan Ahmed Bachelor Economics and Business Economics
Achilleas Pardalis Bachelor Economics and Business Economics
Serena Domingos Bachelor Economics and Business Economics
Nicholas Friedrich Bachelor Business Analytics
Mieke Schrijnemakers Bachelor Fiscal Economics
Sophie Jacobs Master International Business
Pim Groten Master International Business
Niels Crucq Master International Business
Gaspard Etienne Master Business Intelligence & Smart Services
Xingchen Lu Master Economic and Financial Research
Yiyao Jia Master Learning and Development in Organisations
Barbara Radmann Master Sustainability Science, Policy and Society
Mahboube Mohamadalian Master Digital Business and Economics
Viktoriya Nadejdina Master Fiscal Economics Business & Economics