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At the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience we are proud of the research studies conducted by our researchers. But we cannot do it without you. Do you want to be a participant in one of the cutting edge FPN research studies? Take a look below at the ongoing studies.

Current studies you can take part in:

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Student Mapping Study

Are you a student at either Maastricht, Leiden or Amsterdam (UvA) Universities? Do you own a smartphone and have a good knowledge of English? Then you might be the right participant for our 4-weeks smartphone study. We are curious to learn more about your daily life, behaviours and emotions

By participating in the study you can get 2 Research credits and up to 60€, or 75€ in VVV vouchers as compensation. Do you want to join? Click here.

Safety and efficacy of low dose LSD in ADHD​

Effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) on brain activity and social behaviour

Do you have the guts?

Virtual Reality en overgewicht

Effect van schrijven en visualiseren

Authentic Reflections

How do self-perception and emotions interact?

Help Advance Diagnostics for Mental Disorders?

Fight your fears

Hoe voel jij je over pijn?

The unexamined life is not worth living

Recognizing emotional body language

Eetbuien de baas

How good are your cognitive skills?

How good is your movement memory?

Psychedelic Drug test

Peace of Mind

Maastricht Psych Study

Talk dirty to me

LSD Microdosing

Be a police witness

3 minutes of mindfulness

Klinisch onderzoek naar depressie in Maastricht

Dyslexie en taalverwerking

Simultaneous EEG-TMS-fMRI

Return of the robot arm

Smart Drugs & Decision-Making

COBED study