Recap: First 3 Sustainability Days with UM Green Teams

The UM Green Office supported the FASoS, SBE, and Law Green Teams these past several weeks during their 3 Sustainability Days on 17 April, 25 April, and 15 May, respectively. While recapping the previous days, we invite students and employees from all faculties to consider attending our remaining 3 days with FPN, FSE, and FHML and our Sustainability Festival at the Sustainability Hub.

Want to know more about the upcoming programme in May and June? Check out the Sustainability Days webpage.

Upcoming Sustainability Days:

FASoS Day Highlight: Fermentation Workshop

Some students who attended the Pickled Vegetables workshop with Mibis Munchies.

For FASoS Day, we experienced this success primarily during their Fermentation Workshop collaboration with Mibis Munchies, a local fermentation start-up. The 25-seat maximum filled up on the day after it was announced. All students were engaged and super excited with their pickled vegetables to take home. The FASoS Green Team will repeat this workshop in the future at a larger scale. Other events of the FASoS day saw similar success, including the Snowball Effect Exhibition and the Repair Café. The Snowball Exhibition even remained assembled for the week for tutorials to view. The Repair Café assisted students with various broken items, mostly clothes, to implement appropriate repairs. The team hopes to hold more Repair Cafés next year with IT staff able to guide repairs for electronic devices.

The FASoS Sustainability Day took place on Wednesday, 17th of April.

SBE Day Highlight: CiRCEE Workshop

UM Student and CiRCEE founder, Lily Pepper, presenting How To Build Your Own Circular Business workshop.

At the largest UM Faculty, SBE Day held a Climate Fresk workshop - an interactive team game designed to organically introduce players to climate change causes and consequences - which saw great success. Climate Fresks are regularly held by Green Teams throughout the year, as they are an engaging and educational tool for sustainability awareness. Attendees also enjoyed the collaborative workshop with circular fashion company CiRCEE, where the UM student founder Lily Pepper instructed How To Build Your Own Circular Business. Participants were interested and involved during the workshop. The SBE Green Team will continue inviting external partners for joint activities at UM, as these are valuable for sustainable growth at UM and in the Maastricht community.

The SBE Sustainability Day took place on Wednesday, 25th of April.

Law Day Highlight: Climate Fresk

Students engaging in Climate Fresk workshop, facilitated by Law Green Team.

The Law Green Team was the last faculty team formed within the Green Network this year, so they were excited to plan the activities for their day. They also held a Climate Fresk workshop, which students enjoyed, but the lectures saw less turnout than the workshops. The opening lecture with Prof. Peeters on Climate Neutrality in the EU and the guest lecture with Greenpeace on Climate Litigation drew a crowd of familiar Law students. Sustainability Lectures and Dialogues are held throughout the year, so we could utilize the Sustainability Days as opportunities for innovative, niche, and collaborative events to entice students and employees from outside the UM sustainability bubble.

The Law Sustainability Day took place on Wednesday, 15th of May.

By: Katherine Kirkpatrick, UM Green Office

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