Professors Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

Name Title Gender Type of chair Chair Date of appointment Financier
Abraham C. Prof.dr. Male Visiting Professor none 23-2-2005 n/a
Anderson N.R. Prof.dr. Male Visiting Professor none 1-10-2011 n/a
Arntz A.R. Prof.dr. Male Honorary professor none 1-5-2000 n/a
Bernstein D. Prof.dr. Male Professor holding an endowed chair Forensic Psychotherapy 1-10-2010 De Rooyse Wissel
Bonte M.L. Prof.dr. Female Professor Cognitive Neuroscience of Language and Literacy development 1-2-2018 UM
Breukelen G.J.P. van Prof.dr. Male Professor Methodology and Statistics 15-11-2014 UM
Formisano E. Prof.dr. Male Professor Methods of Neuroimaging: Analysis of Neural Sign/als 1-7-2011 UM
Gelder, B.M.L.F. de Prof.dr. Female Professor Social and Affective Neuroscience 1-7-2012 UM
Goebel R.W. Prof.dr. Male Professor Cognitive Neuroscience 1-1-2000 UM
Heerden, J.H. van Prof.dr. Male Professor emeritus General Psychology 1-2-2003 n/a
Heugten, C.M. van Prof.dr. Female Professor holding an endowed chair Clinical Neuropsychology 1-3-2009 SWUM
Hospers H.J. Prof.dr. Male Professor holding an endowed chair Expertimental health psychology 15-5-2005 St. Lesbische en Homostudies
Howe M.L. Prof.dr. Male Visiting professor none 1-7-2014 n/a
H├╝lsheger U.R. Prof. dr. Female Professor Chair in Occupational Health Psychology 1-2-2018 UM
Jansen A.T.M. Prof.dr. Female Professor Experimental Clinical Psychology 1-9-1986 UM
Jansma B.M. Prof.dr. Female Professor Essentials in Cognitive Neuroscience 1-12-2008 UM
Keijsers G.P.J. Prof.dr. Male Professor holding an endowed chair Psychologische behandelingen ihb tbv specialistische beroepsopleiding tot Klinisch Psycholoog 1-4-2013 RINO Zuid
Kok G.J. Prof.dr. Male Professor Applied psychology 27-7-1996 UM
Kotz S.A. Prof.dr Female Professor Neuropsychologie & Translationele Neurowetenschappen 1-9-2015 -
Markus C.R. Prof.dr. Male Professor holding an endowed chair Neuropsychologie, ihb. voeding, hersenen en gedrag 1-3-2015 Stichting Wetenschapsbeoefening
Mathews P.M. Prof.dr. Male Honorary professor Polymer Physics 1-8-2012 n/a
Merckelbach H.L.G.J. Prof.dr. Male Professor Applied Cognitive Psychology; specialisation Psychology and law 1-9-1996 UM
Muris, P.E.H.M. Prof.dr. Male Professor Developmental Psychopathology 1-7-2011 n/a
Peters M.L. Prof.dr. Female Professor Positive Psychology and Mental Health 1-4-2007 UM
Pryor J.B. Prof.dr. Male Visiting professor none 1-5-2010 n/a
Ramaekers J.G. Prof.dr. Male Professor Behavioural Toxicology of medical drugs and drugs 1-2-2009 UM
Riedel W.J. Prof.dr. Male Professor holding an endowed chair Experimental Psychofarmacology 1-7-2003 SWUM
Roefs A.J. Prof.dr. Female Professor Psychology and Neurosciences of Abnormal Eating 1-4-2018 UM
Rijkeboer M.M. Prof.dr Female Professor Klinische Psychologie i.h.b. de Behandeling van Persoonlijkheidsstoornissen 1-3-2017 UM
Ruiter C. de Prof.dr. Female Professor Forensic Psychology 1-4-2006 UM
Ruiter R.A.C. Prof.dr. Male Professor holding an endowed chair Applied Psychology 1-10-2012 SWUM
Sack A.T. Prof.dr. Male Professor Function/al Brain Stimulation and Neurocognitive Psychology 1-7-2011 UM
Salle, F. di Prof.dr. Male Honorary professor Cognitive Neuroscience 1-1-2007 n/a
Shah J.N. Prof.dr. Male Honorary professor Physics in Psychology and Neuroscience 28-4-2010 n/a
Vlaeyen J.W.S. Prof.dr. Male Professor Behavioral Medicine 1-12-2005 UM
Vrij A. Prof.dr. Male Honorary professor Psychology of Lie Detection 1-9-2010 n/a
Weerd P. de Prof.dr. Male Professor holding an endowed chair Neurosciences of perceptual learning and attention 1-4-2008 SWUM
Zijlstra F.R.H. Prof.dr. Male Professor Cognitive Work Psychology 1-1-2006 UM