Sustainable education

Maastricht University (UM) wants to be a sustainable university by 2030. Project Sustainable Education is there to engage the entire academic community in this sustainability endeavour and help the UM become sustainable by 2030.

Project activities

In the ambition to be a sustainable university by 2030, UM wants to involve the entire academic community. Therefore there are ongoing activities to explore and realise this goal. Next to existing sustainable educational bachelor's and master's programmes and PhD level, a selection of strengthening education for sustainable development are the following:

UM wide minor on sustainable development
Sustainable development is complex and highly multi-faceted in nature. In order to understand and come up with solutions addressing environmental, social, and economic needs, a range of different disciplines can be drawn upon. For students to become practitioners who contribute and realise a sustainable world, an interdisciplinary minor can provide the opportunity to Bachelor students from all fields to comprehend fundamental components of sustainability across various disciplines.

While there are several programmes within UM providing interdisciplinary and integrative courses on sustainable development, this is not available to all students. A UM wide minor (24-30 ECTS) can expand the availability of sustainability courses and provide accessibility to all students. In this project the possibilities for a UM wide minor programme on sustainable development is explored, in order to establish sustainable development as a core subject within the curriculum of UM.

Strengthening competencies for sustainable development
Within the international discourse on education for sustainable development, there is large agreement on key competencies. The problem-based educational method of UM fosters some of these key competencies, such as the competencies of (integrated) problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking. To empower students for thinking and acting in support of sustainable development, certain competencies can be added or strengthened. In this project, the possibilities to strengthen sustainable development competencies are explored.

Team and contact

Project owner
Ron Cörvers
Scientific director of ICIS, Maastricht University
+31(0)43 3882690 

Project coordinator
Ceren Pekdemir
Assistant Professor at ICIS, Maastricht University
+31(0)43 3882660 

Green office student support
Arienne Schulz
Education coordinator at Maastricht University Green Office