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On this page you can find out who we are, which topics we are currently working on and our contact information.

D&I Team March 2020
Top row: Netty, Constance, Natasja. Bottom row: Ophelie, Vincent

Constance Sommerey - Managing Director Diversity Office

Topics currently working on:

  • D&I Strategy
  • Recruitment Scripts
  • Towards 30% Female Professors
  • UM Accessibility
  • Recognition and Reward
  • Sustainable Employability & monitor
  • D&I competencies
  • Facilities

Constance Sommerey is appointed to translate the diversity and inclusivity aims into concrete policy measures.

Read her thoughts on What is diversity and why?

Natasja Reslow, UM Cares Coordinator / Policy Advisor

Topics currently working on:

  • UMCares 
  • 1st Generation Students Plan
  • Support for D&I Organisations
  • Family-friendly Facilities
  • Social Safety
  • D&I in education
  • UM Daycare
  • Dual Career Programme

Ophélie Hue, Junior Policy Advisor

Topics currently working on:

  • YUFE (Work Package 7)
  • D&I Grants
  • Student Experience Survey
  • D&I Academic Calendar
  • Checkmyvacancy and Recruitment scripts
  • D&I Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


Netty Bekkers, Events Coordinator / Policy Advisor

Topics currently working on:

  • Digital Accessibility
  • Events 
  • D&I Office Communication Plan
  • Information on Dutch Cultural events
  • INKOM and Student Associations
  • Mymaastricht.nl
  • Web editing
  • D&I Newsletter

 +31 43 38 85 207 | + 31 6 405 50 337

Vincent Philippy, student assistant

Topics currently working on:

  • D&I Social Media: Instagram and Facebook
  • D&I Calendar
  • D&I News
  • D&I Events, Diversity Day
  • Assisting the D&I Team in any tasks

Danai Petropoulou Ionescu, student assistant 

Assistant for Female EMpowerment Maastricht University.

Topics currently working on:

  • FEM Social Media: Facebook, Twitter
  • FEM Events 
  • FEM Leaflet: Grants for Women in Academia


UM Diversity & Inclusivity Advisory Council:

UM has appointed an advisory council on diversity and inclusivity in order to support, challenge and inspire the Executive Board in the realization of the UM’s mission and strategy. The Advisory Council consists of UM staff, UM students and members not employed by Maastricht University.

Tasks and responsibilities of the Advisory Council:

  • acts as an ambassador for diversity and inclusivity, both internally and externally
  • issues solicited and unsolicited recommendations in the area of diversity and inclusivity
  • proposes new initiatives and consults with external experts where necessary
  • advises the Executive Board on the prioritisation of specific diversity and inclusivity policies
  • provides advice on projects aimed at gaining qualitative and quantitative insights into the UM community
  • provides advice on the allocation of financial resources for research projects and activities
  • advises the D&I Office about policy matters and monitors the impact of D&I policies and initiatives
  • endorses and promotes the Diversity Charter formulated by the Labour Foundation

Advisory board 2020:

Nanne de Vries, Professor of Health Promotion, member executive board MUMC
Bakir Bulic, Director Faculty of Science and Engineering
Didier Fouarge,  Professor in Dynamics of Skills Allocation, School of Business and Economics
Cerien Streefland, Managing Director, Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesFred Zijlstra, Professor of Work & Organizational Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and NeuroscienceMark KawakamiAssistant Professor, Faculty of LawAlbertine Zanting, Senior Policy Advisor Internationalisation and Researcher of Cultural Diversity, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life ScienceNga Janda, Student Faculty of LawLena Gromotka, Student Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

 A real 'community' will only come about when people who differ on many fronts don't just tolerate each other but work together and learn from each other.  

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Diversity & Inclusivity Office

For confidential reports or notifications of discrimination or sexual harassment, contact the confidential advisors for employees or students.

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