Step 2: Create - ‘How to’ guides for boosting your research impact


Already drafted your first blog post? Have your Twitter account up and running? Recorded a nice video pitch of your research? It’s a great start, but the job is not yet done. Social media is always on the move. To stay relevant, you need to continuously update your pages, hone your message, engage in dialogue and connect with new people.

At the UM Faculty of Law, we have developed a number of introductory guides that you can follow to help you decide which avenues of promotion to use and to get you off to a good start. We are also developing a number of advanced guides for researchers who are already experienced with promoting their research through social media, videos, social engagement, etc. The advanced guides will include topics such as search engine optimisation, podcasts, guidelines for profile photos, how often to post on various platforms, popular networks for legal researchers.

 Guide 1: How to use blogs
 Guide 2: How to use videos
 Guide 3: How to use social media
 Guide 4: How to deal with the press
 Guide 5: How to engage with society
 Guide 6: How to promote your event

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