PhD trajectories at Maastricht UMC+, of both internal and external PhD candidates, are aimed at the development into well-equipped, well-prepared and capable independent researchers. At the end of their PhD, candidates will be able to defend the PhD thesis successfully during the graduation ceremony and function well in an international academic context.

Typical about the FHML/MUMC+ research is that it covers the entire continuum from health to disease. Future health care is not only about patients but also targeted at people who are at risk to develop certain diseases. Thus, as well as disease and defect, also health and health risks are central to our research. The multidisciplinary research is embedded in research lines or divisions within several FHML research Schools/Institutes and FHML research departments.

Each of the Schools and LINK institutes have their own PhD coordinator who you can turn to for information and support, a confidential advisor and PhD representatives. The PhD coordinators and PhD representatives regularly meet in the Faculty PhD Committee.