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Maastricht University's Language Centre offers a broad range of language services to students, staff, companies, organisations and anyone else with an interest in language learning. We help them communicate effectively in an international environment. From language courses in modern languages such as English, French, German and Spanish to Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian– the Language Centre has something to offer everyone.

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  • Registration for the second round of Social Dutch and the 7-week Dutch course opens October 1! Don't miss the opportunity and register on time using the registration form on this website for a Dutch course that starts in November!
  • You can no longer register for Dutch and Modern Foreign Language courses that start in period 1 (September 2023). As of December 8, 2023, you can register for the new courses Dutch, English, and all the Modern Languages starting in February 2024 by using the registration form on this website.
  • Please note, our online registration form lists only the courses and groups that still have places available and/or have an active waiting list.
  • Do you want to know more about the different starting dates of our courses? Take a look at the annual course schedule.

‘Maaike and Arno’, Podcast for Dutch learners

LC podcast cover cropped

Are you learning Dutch and have a hard time pronouncing the tongue-twisting sounds of the Dutch language? Then put on your headphones because this podcast will have you speaking Dutch in no time!

The podcast the Language Centre participated in is created from the idea of giving participants more learning mileage in an accessible, fun way. 

Tutor in the spotlight


'Chinese is not that difficult to learn!'

Suli Poell on learning Chinese

When I tell people that I am a Chinese teacher, people often say: “Chinese is a very difficult language!”  That is right, Chinese IS difficult. There are two reasons that make Chinese difficult.  One is the pronunciation with four tones, which you don’t find in English. The second is the Chinese characters, which people have no idea how to read and write. Learning Chinese can seem like a daunting task. Read the whole article here

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