Instrumentation Engineering (IE)

As part of the Faculty Office, Instrumentation Engineering develops, designs and realises innovative technical products and solutions not available on the market. We support the university’s core tasks, research and teaching in two ways.

  • We remove technological obstacles, allowing the development of commercially unavailable technology that enables researchers to apply new research methods and carry out unique research. Allowing them to lead in research, enhancing Maastricht University as a whole and the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience in particular as a research institution.
  • We carry out safeguarding activities (repairs, maintenance, registration and safety) to ensure the operational lifespan and safety of the equipment used for education and research in the central research labs.

Research Support Department

The Research Support Department (RSD) assist researchers with large scale research projects and logistically complex studies. RSD employees are involved in scientific research on a by-project basis. They assist with the logistic design of research projects and have experience with the practical execution of scientific research.

RSD also maintains the Test Subject Database of the faculty. This database hosts details of healthy persons of 18 years and older who have voluntarily submitted themselves for test subject research.

For questions and more information contact Rosanne Janssen at: rosanne.janssen@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Core duties

  • administrative organisation and logistic planning surrounding research, including
  • coordination of large-scale research (e.g. multicentre trials), including
  • implementation/execution, including
  • client contact, including
  • functional design, implementation on application level and application management, including