MHeNs PhD Programme

‏‏‎   ‎Fast Facts

 About 300 PhD candidates
 Average of 45 doctorates per year
 40% of our PhD from abroad
 High academic level PhD programme
 Transdisciplinary focus
 International partnership networks

The PhD educational programme of MHeNs has a strong multidisciplinary character and is on a European level embedded within the European Graduate School of Neuroscience (EURON). The aim of the programme is to promote a high level of competence in a specific research field, but also in more generic, transferable skills that are important for high level professional careers in research, education, or clinical practice.

A PhD degree at MHeNs is not just a study but a serious research project that adds new knowledge to our field. As a PhD candidate at MHeNs, you will spend most of your time conducting original research and writing your PhD thesis. You also follow courses relevant to your research or have teaching responsibilities. Most candidates take four years to complete their thesis and earn their degree.

PhD-programmes are often based on successful grants that are acquired by staff members from our school. Vacancies for PhD-positions are announced via (inter)national channels, such as the website of Academic Transfer. In general, open applications for PhD-positions are not possible. When students provide means for their own support and their research other conditions may apply.

You can also contact a MHeNs faculty member if you work at another academic or clinical organisation, in industry or in public services and would like to discuss collaborative research work that might lead to a PhD. Such external PhDs are generally conducted with a supervisory team composed of UM staff and staff from your own organisation. External PhD candidates have access to the same courses and facilities as internal PhD candidates. We also have a number of double and joint PhD degree programmes, for example with our EURON partners.


For more information contact:
  Martin van Boxtel
PhD Coordinator MHeNs
  Nicole Senden
Programme Coordinator EURON