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The Staff Career Centre supports all employees of Maastricht University in the areas of learning, development, mobility and participation. Your sustainable employability is our primary goal. The starting point for learning, development and mobility is a meeting between you and your manager or HR advisor. In that meeting, you prepare a personal development plan (POP) that can lead to a development process in which the Staff Career Centre can help you.

 How can we help you?
 Experiences of employees   
  Training programmes
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How can we help you?

You can come to us for:

  • recommendations regarding support in your learning through training, coaching or mentoring, for example
  • specific in-company, customised or team development programmes
  • practical requests such as advice about writing a CV and cover letter for a job application or practicing for a job interview
  • the provision of information (e.g. to first-year PhDs or teams)
  • the organisation of theme-oriented meetings (e.g. about networking) and career-related events or workshops
  • questions about hiring an employee within the framework of the Participation Act, questions about the end of your contract or applying for unemployment benefits.

The Staff Career Centre maintains confidentiality and has an independent role within the organisation. You can find more information about the specific areas we help you with and who you can best contact for each area behind the five bars below. Still don't know who best to turn to? Send your question to our general email address:

Staff Career Centre 5 pillars

Experiences of employees

The Staff Career Center is for everyone who would like to develop further professionally. Below, we will give the word to a number of UM colleagues who have followed a coaching or training course at SCC.

Young researchers

Administrative and supportive staff (OBP)

Do you have certain qualities that you would like to further develop at work? Have you talked about following a course during your annual evaluation and would you like advice about this? Do you wonder if you are still in the right job? Would you like something different but don’t know where or how to start? Do you sometimes feel stuck at work?

UM believes it is important that everyone has the opportunity to further develop themselves and to take control of their own development. For questions regarding career- and work-related development, as well as team development programmes, administrative and support staff can turn to the Staff Career Centre.

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Professionals (support en academic staff)


The Staff Career Centre provides standard and customised courses and training programmes for future, new and experienced managers. You can contact our advisors with individual questions about your career, your training and your personal development as a manager. Customisation - for example through in-company programmes, specific learning questions for groups, or team programmes - is also always possible.

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Unemployment, relocation and reintegration candidates

Looking for a job as your contract is ending? Reintegrating after a period of illness? You are welcome to come to the Staff Career Centre (SCC) for coaching, personalised recommendations on how to approach the internal or external job market, and feedback on your CV and cover letter.

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WW-, herplaatsing en reïntegratiekandidaten

Jobs and Jobs Quota Act/Participation Act

Maastricht University has taken on its social responsibility to create positions within the university for people with an occupational disability who have not been able to work for a considerable amount of time. As a manager or direct colleague of an employee with an occupational disability, you can turn to us for support with counselling or guidance or finding suitable tasks for the employee. The Participation Act Coordinator of the Staff Career Centre looks for suitable positions within the organisation, ensures that the preconditions for job placement are met and guides people with an occupational disability on their way to a paid job.

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Wet Banenafspraak/Participatiewet

Training programmes

With your manager and HR advisor, you discuss your career and work ambitions and come up with a personal development plan. To help you achieve your ambitions, we have developed a range of the most relevant training programmes, which you can register for in consultation with your manager and HR advisor*.

Your registration is considered final when the SCC has received your completed registration as well as approval from your manager and we have emailed you confirmation of your registration.

The training programme is fully booked
If a training programme is fully booked, this is stated in the overview next to the title. In this case, you can send an email to in which you indicate your interest to join an additional offering of the training programme if one becomes available. With sufficient interest, it is occasionally possible to schedule an additional offering of a training programme.

The training programme has been cancelled
The SCC must cancel a training programme if there is an insufficient number of registrations. In those cases, we will contact you to look for alternatives. If there are none, you will receive a full refund of the training fees that have already been paid as soon as possible.

Cancellation regulation
If you cancel less than sixteen working days before the start of the course, your administrative unit will be charged 25% of the cost price. If you cancel less than ten working days before the course starts, or during the course, your administrative unit will be charged 100% of the cost price. This also applies to participants who are absent without having given prior notice.

* Your faculty or unit is charged 50% of the total costs per training. Make sure you consult with your manager and ask for a budget number.

To the
Training programmes


UM has recently partnered with GoodHabitz, a provider of online training courses. This partnership, which was made possible by the Local Consultative Body (LO), means that all UM employees can now make use of the entire selection of online training courses offered by GoodHabitz. There is a wide range of easily accessible training courses. You can decide when, what and how you learn. Sign up and get started right away. 

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Online training GoodHabitz

The Staff Career Centre Team

To schedule an intake or advisory meeting or for other questions, you can contact us at or contact on of our staff directly.