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Concerns & Complaints Point

Maastricht University (UM) strives to create a safe and inclusive work and study environment. A place where everyone feels valued, welcome and safe. Ensuring social safety is a matter for all of us. We are all responsible for ensuring social safety. All students, employees and guests of UM are collectively accountable for a safe learning and working environment, one in which people treat each other with respect and everyone can develop their talents. We want to provide everyone with a safe space to work and learn - where there is room for healthy feedback and critical discussions when necessary.

Still, UM recognises that you may be faced with problems, such as undesirable behavior, illness and family circumstances. On this page you can read who can support you in these situations. It is important to know that you are in control. Nothing will be done until all possibilities for you have been made clear. And only if you give permission, will a counseling program or complaints procedure be started. 

Zero Tolerance

UM does not tolerate any form of undesirable behavior!

We promote social safety through the well-thought-out and solid design of our lines of support and assistance. In addition, it is crucial that we can talk to each other when we see that something is not going well. Social safety starts with paying attention to and respecting one another’s professional and personal boundaries when working and learning together. 

If you do encounter a social situation at work in which you feel unsafe because of undesirable behaviour or other issues, you can contact the Concerns & Complaints Point (CCP)

Concerns & Complaints Point

A central point for concerns, questions, reports and complaints that affect a socially safe working and learning environment. 

Within the CCP, a social safety team has been appointed. This team is impartial and independent, it offers you a listening ear, a sparring partner, and together with you searches for a good path for your question.

Together with you, the CCP will look for a way to move forward. If you contact the coordinator of the CCP, there is always a colleague available who knows the formal and informal routes within UM, and who will help you find the best way to deal with your question, concern, report or complaint. Of course, you can also come to the CCP if you just want to get something off your chest. Interviews with the CCP coordinator are confidential.

The social safety team

The social safety team looks to collaborate with other staff members who are working on this issue. The team also looks more broadly at UM policy, guidance and training in the area of social safety.

In our first annual report, we reported on our activities, reports, concerns and experiences. We also made a number of recommendations for the university that can help to increase social safety in the workplace. Click here for the Social Safety annual report.

You can read how to contact the CCP social safety team, what the tasks of the team members exactly entail, who you can contact for what and in what way on the social safety intranet page. 

These colleagues make up the social safety team:

Are you a student?

And are you looking for help?

Then read about where and who to turn to on this overview page.


Esther Goethart, coordinator of the CCP

 Kapoenstraat 2, K 2.034

 Read more about the coordinator of the CCP (link to intranet).

Claire Essers

Claire Essers, Ombuds officer for employees and students

 Kapoenstraat 2, K. 20.28

 Read more about the ombuds officer for employees.
 Read more about the ombuds officer for students.

Katinka Bastin

Katinka Bastin, confidential advisor

 Kapoenstraat 2, K 2.032

 Read more about the confidential advisor (link to intranet).

Joep Peters

Joep Peters, external confidential advisor


  More info: www.deeikmediation.nl

Regina Nieboer

Regina Nieboer, confidential advisor

  +31 (0)6 23707026

  Read more aboutthe confidential advisor (link to intranet).

Bob Joormann

Bob Joormann, confidential advisor

  +31 (0)6 4292 8314

  Read more aboutthe confidential advisor (link to intranet).

Forms of undesirable behaviour


There are various forms of unsafe situations or undesirable behaviour that you as an employee might come into contact with. Some examples are sexual harassment, aggression or violence, bullying, discrimination, integrity issues, abuse of power or labour conflicts. These are examples, you can contact the CCP with your questions or concerns in a broad sense, so do not hesitate!

 Read more about undesirable behaviour on the intranet. 

Whistle-blower policy

When an employee discloses suspicions of illegal or immoral practices within UM, we call this whistle blowing. It is important that everyone can safely report possible problems within the organisation. This is not only important for the employee concerned, but is also in the interest of the organisation. If the executive management knows in time about possible wrongdoing, measures can be taken as needed.

Do you want to report illegal or immoral practices within UM?
Please contact the social safety team at 06-28849965 or send an e-mail to Esther Goethart. She will speak to you personally.

  In the Maastricht University Regulations for Reporting Misconduct you can read more about the procedure.