Scientific integrity

Integrity and Ethics

Everyone involved in teaching and research at Maastricht University shares in the responsibility for maintaining academic integrity. All of our academic staff are expected to adhere to the general principles of professional academic practice at all times.

Maastricht University aims to adhere to the principles of professional scientific conduct as written down in the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Integrity and has established its own 'Regulation for Scientific Integrity at Maastricht University'.

Counsellor on Scientific Integrity

The Executive Board has appointed Prof. Gerjo Kok, Prof. Franz Palm and dr. Ree Meertens as the UM Counsellors on Scientific Integrity. The counsellors are the primary contact persons for questions or complaints concerning scientific integrity. The counsellor will try to mediate in the complaint or to reach a resolution. If this is not possible, he or she will guide the complainant in filing the complaint with the UM Committee on Scientific Integrity.

You can contact Prof.Gerjo Kok, Prof. Franz Palm or dr. Ree Meertens by email at vertrouwenspersoonwi[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl or call the secretary to the counsellor, Jackelien Weinans at +31 (0)43 388 2350.

Committee for Scientific Integrity

The Committee for Scientific Integrity advises the Executive Board on complaints filed regarding scientific integrity. The committee consists of: Prof. C. Flinterman (chair), Prof. W. Kusters and Prof. H. Struijker Boudier. N. Harteman, MSc, is the secretary of the committee.

The committee evaluates each complaint and advises the Executive Board in writing. Examples of the forms of breaches of scientific integrity can be found in the above-mentioned documents.

Should you file a complaint (preferably after consulting the Counselor on Scientific Integrity), you can send it by email to niels.harteman[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl or by mail to (mark the envelope 'personal and confidential'):

Maastricht University
Secretary Committee for Scientific Integrity
MUO/ N. Harteman, Msc
PO Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht

Complaints must include the following: 

  • a clear written description of the (alleged) violation of academic integrity by one or more particular employees of Maastricht University
  • written or other types of evidence related to it
  • the complainant’s name, title or position, and contact details
  • the complainant’s signature and date

The Regulation for Scientific Integrity and the Counsellors on Scientific Integrity are in compliance with the overarching UM Integrity Code of Conduct.