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Master classes

NUTRIM provides great opportunities for academic growth, professional interactivity and networking by having visiting professors give master classes for PhD Students and young postdocs. During these Master classes, around 6 participants present their ongoing research followed by discussion and feedback from the expert. Apart from the PhD Students doing the presentations, other PhD Students are also welcome to attend.

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Capita Selecta

All 1st and 2nd year PhD Students are encouraged to participate in the NUTRIM Capita Selecta, cutting-edge lectures wherein leading institutional scientists discuss their expertise. Capita Selecta are organised biannually offering approx. 11 lectures per year. Each lecture takes 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of discussion. Schedule September - February 2019-2020, No registration required.

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Theme afternoons

Organised by the PhD-students coordinator or the PhD-students council. Subjects vary every year; they are not fixed, and are not only related to the scientific work PhD Students carry out for their PhD-study, but also to subjects concerning their career after their PhD Students period.

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Chronic Disease Update

Translational research is an important corner stone for NUTRIM. It is therefore important for basic scientists and physicians regularly meet and discuss scientific problems and relevant questions that they encounter. They need to update each other about relevant developments in our understanding of the pathophysiology (basic to clinic translation) and treatment of specific chronic diseases (clinic to basic translation).  To facilitate this discussion, NUTRIM organizes an annual thematic meeting: the chronic disease updates.



Nutrim organizes an annual 2-day introduction for starting PhD-students. The goal of this meeting is to introduce the research school NUTRIM to new PhD-students, to meet peer-PhDs and find out about the variety of research topics within NUTRIM, and to highlight the possibilities for self-development within the PhD-project. In this way, students will get relevant information to successfully manage their PhD-career.

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Literature clubs

PhD Students are encouraged to join literature clubs organized by their supervisors in order to stay informed of new developments detailed in recent publications. Literature clubs gather at least once a month to discuss recent publications. If there is no literature club in a specific area, it is recommended to start one.

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Annual NUTRIM Symposium

Each year a NUTRIM Symposium is organised for all NUTRIM-researchers, PhD Students and support staff. For this day an (inter)national expert is invited to give a Key lecture for a NUTRIM-wide audience. NUTRIM-PhD Students are encouraged to present a poster of their ongoing research. A jury selects the winning posters for the Poster Presentation Prices.

  • Master classes

  • Capita Selecta

  • Theme afternoons

  • Chronic Disease Update

  • NUTRIM 2 Days

  • Literature clubs

  • FHML Courses

  • Annual NUTRIM Symposium