End-terms for the PhD thesis

FHML dissertations generally consist of a number of separate scholarly papers, all or some of which have already been published in the form of articles and which demonstrate sufficient mutual coherence. It should also contain an introduction and a conclusion, in which the relationship between the papers is explained, a summary, valorisation addendum and eight to eleven propositions. The first promoter decides, in mutual agreement with the other supervisors, when the manuscript is of sufficient quality to be sent to the Assessment Committee.

Detailed descriptions of the requirements can be found in the Regulation governing the attainment of doctoral degrees Maastricht University.* The sample letters to apply for access to the PhD degree and the Declaration of scientific integrity should be sent to the PhD office of Maastricht University around the time the manuscript is finished, keeping a time frame of about 20 weeks in mind until the date of the actual PhD ceremony.

* This regulation also offers general information about who can do a PhD, the task of a (co-)promotor and the composition of the review committee.