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Knowledge Centre for International Staff

Maastricht University is keen to provide its international employees and their family members with a warm welcome and a good start to their stay in Maastricht or its surrounds.

Part of the university’s HR department, the Knowledge Centre for International Staff (KCIS) is happy to offer you its services. Your HR adviser will inform KCIS of all new foreign employees joining us at Maastricht University or of UM employees being posted abroad. KCIS will then contact you to guide you through the various steps necessary to start working for the university.

For whom?
KCIS offers services to:

 Incoming staff
 Outgoing staff
 Current foreign staff
 Cross-border Workers

New to the community?
Coming from another country to work here makes you part of a diverse and growing community, within the Maastricht region as well as the university. See how KCIS can help you find your way if you are new to the community.

You can read more on our activities and services here. Please note that KCIS will act as an intermediate. For more information please read this   note carefully.

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"The Knowledge Centre for International Staff helps expats to smooth their way into a new job and new community"