Protein research

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Proteins are the major regulators of life processes and as such they are important for the balance between health and disease. Not only do they function as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers of crucial health sustaining processes in the body, but proteins also are major drug targets for medication. Altogether, protein research and proteomics applications are indispensable in the academic setting.

The Maastricht Proteomics Centre (MPC) was initiated by bringing together all relevant scientific expertise and technical support and by installing the necessary equipment to facilitate proteomics research. A core group active in proteomics applications has been formed consisting of researchers and analytical personnel with expertise in protein profiling, in determination of protein turnover and modification, in chemical protein synthesis etc. This core group advices and assists other researchers who are interested in using proteomics for their studies. 

Proteomics Lab

Proteomics Lab

Prof. Dr. E. Mariman, Department of Human Biology
Maastricht University
Universiteitssingel 50 Room number: 2.344
Telephone +31-43-3882896