NUTRIM Partnerships

Based in Maastricht, NUTRIM  Institute of Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism, collaborates with leading research institutes on four continents around the world: Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

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United Kingdom 

University of Birmingham

Topic: Genetic epidemiology & evidence based medicine
Departments: Complex Genetics, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Respiratory Medicine, Ophthalmology, Toxicology

  • joint NUTRIM-CAPHRI PhD Programme

Topic: Physical activity and health
Department: Human Biology

  • joint PhD’s, including exchange PhD students (no formal legislation yet)

University College London

Topic: Gut-liver homeostasis
Departments: Surgery, Molecular Genetics

  • faculty exchange
  • joint PhD projects

University of Exeter

Topic: Protein metabolism and disuse atrophy
Department: Human Biology

  • joint PhD Project – double degree 


RWTH Aachen

Topic: Liver inflammation and failure
Departments: Surgery, Internal Medicine and Molecular Genetics

  • joint PhD projects
  • faculty exchange
  • development of Euregional HPB centre

Topic: Intestinal microbiota
Department: Medical Microbiology

  • joint PhD projects

German Diabetes Centre, Düsseldorf

Topic: Metabolism and Diabetes
Departments: Nutrition and Movement Sciences, Internal Medicine

  • joint research projects
  • joint annual diabetes day


INSERM Toulouse

Topic: Adipose tissue biology, disease biomarkers (EU-JPI program mirDIET)
Department: Human Biology

  • joint projects
  • sample exchange

Institute Pasteur Lille

Topic: Metabolism and Diabetes
Departments: Nutrition and Movement Sciences, Molecular Genetics

  • joint research projects
  • joint annual diabetes day


École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Laboratory of Integrative Systems Physiology
Topic: Mitochondrial metabolism
Departments: Nutrition and Movement Sciences

  • faculty exchange

Nestlé Institutes of Health Sciences SA

Nutrition and Metabolic Health Unit
Topic: Human Nutrition and Genes
Department: Human Biology


Hasselt University

Topic: Muscle disuse and rehabilitation
Departments: Human Biology

  • Joint PhD project



University of Copenhagen

Topic: Nutrition, Exercise and Sports
Department: Human Biology

North America


National Institute on Aging

Topic: Chronic disease and aging
Department: Respiratory Medicine

  • exchange at PhD and post-doc level
  • joint research projects
  • master classes

Dartmouth College

Topic: Breath analysis
Department: Pharmacology and Toxicology

Renal Research Institute New York

Topic: Pathophysiological and epidemiological research in the field of renal failure and renal replacement therapy
Department: Internal Medicine, Nephrology

  • Joint PhD projects

University of Vermont, Burlington

Topic: Respiratory Biology and oxidant-antioxidant metabolism
Departments: Respiratory Medicine, Medical Microbiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology

  • faculty exchange
  • joint PhD projects Joint laboratory facilities (NUTRIM: human tissue; UM: transgenic animal models)
  • joint symposia and Master classes 


University of Guelph

Topic: Mitochondrial respiration
Department: Human biology

  • Joint degree

South America


University of Sao Paulo

Topic: Optimising efficacy and effects of probiotics on health
Department: Human Biology

  • joint laboratory facilities (NUTRIM: gut microbiota; TIM-experiments; USP: food technology, isolation of novel probiotic strains; new prebiotic substrates)
  • collaboration in BioSyn (partners: USP, Technical University of Copenhagen)



St John’s Research Institute and National Academy, Bangalore

Topic: Nutrition and metabolism
Department: Respiratory Medicine

  • joint research
  • faculty and methodology exchange