The Faculty of Science and Engineering offers several study programmes on bachelor's and master's level within the scope of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and several liberal arts and science programmes.

Bachelor's programmes

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Computer Science

Computers are everywhere. They can already do a lot: computers paved the way for things like the internet, climate change simulations, video games, and personalized healthcare. At the same time, we still face many challenges that need better computers. That’s why computer scientists continue to push the limits of what these systems can do. 

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Maastricht Science Programme

Maastricht Science Programme offers the possibilty to build your own curriculum from courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, neuroscience and various interdisciplinary fields such as biomedical engineering and entrepreneurship.

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Circular Engineering

To ensure a healthy planet and strong economy for current and future generations, a transition to a circular economy is needed. A circular economy is characterised by a system of closed loops, in which ideally no waste is created, renewable energy sources are used and raw materials, components and products retain their value. This transition asks for innovative scientific and engineering solutions that require a new way of thinking.

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Business Engineering

Learn to respond to the challenges of today's society that is characterised by rapid technological developments and radically different business models, such as additive manufacturing or virtual reality applications. Alternatively, the growing importance of analysing and interpreting big data and understanding that humankind should be smarter in using the limited natural resources on our planet.

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University College Maastricht

University College Maastricht is a liberal arts and sciences honours college that provides small-scale and personalised bachelor's education. Choose from more than 150 different courses in the humanities, social sciences and sciences to build an academic profile that helps you meet your future goals.

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University College Venlo

It has been recognised that food can be regarded as medicine and that food can be used in either the prevention or the treatment of various chronic diseases. At University College Venlo you can build your own curriculum related to health, nutrition and business.

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Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme trains motivated international students to make them eligible (to apply) for a bachelor's programme at Maastricht University.

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Master's programmes

Artificial Intelligence

Data Science for Decision Making

Data Science for Decision Making will familiarise you with methods, techniques and algorithms that can be used to address major issues in mathematical modelling and decision making.

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Biobased Materials

 As the world is running out of fossil fuels, we need to develop sustainable materials, which may have completely new properties. Biobased Materials will provide you with the knowledge and skills to deal with this challenge.

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Systems Biology

Systems Biology is an exciting new, holistic approach that combines biology, computational modelling, and mathematics to create innovative models. The ultimate goal is the development of virtual versions of biological systems, which lead to new insights and eventually predictions concerning the behavior of such systems.

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Imaging Engineering

Would you like to revolutionise how scientists view the world and everything in it? Start a master in imaging engineering!

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