Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism

Research institute NUTRIM is internationally recognised as Centre of Excellence for research on obesity, diabetes, COPD and cancer cachexia. Translational research on lifestyle, ageing and diseases induced metabolic and inflammatory disorders is conducted with a specific focus on nutrition. 

NUTRIM has approximately 134 researchers, 300 PhD students and 63 support staff and 21 basic and clinical sciences departments of Maastricht University Medical Centre+ (MUMC+) are included in our research. Our core research programme is organised around integrated multidisciplinary themes in three divisions:

1. Obesity, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Health

2. Liver and Digestive Health

3. Respiratory & Age-Related Health

NUTRIM’s Mission and Vision

NUTRIM promotes translational research into lifestyle and disease induced metabolic disorders with a high societal burden that will contribute to personalised lifestyle and medicine approaches. We strongly believe in connecting and integrating different disciplines to create truly new scientific insights and innovative health solutions for society. NUTRIM focuses on biomedical research to capitalize on its unique strengths, but with a strong link to health promotion.

In its PhD programme NUTRIM aims to meet the demand for scientists who are acquainted with novel fundamental research concepts and are equipped to optimise the translation from science to the clinic and to public health.

It actively maintains a local, national and international network to contribute to the solution of global health concerns. In our vision, an excellent educational infrastructure together with an innovative and challenging research environment, are of crucial importance. Fostering the academic development of young researchers such that they can develop themselves by acquiring skills and expertise.


NUTRIM Organisational Chart

Collaborating departments in Division 2


The NUTRIM Management Team (MT) consists of the Scientific Director (Prof. Daisy Jonkers), the Managing Director (Rob Levels, Msc, EMFC) and the leaders of the NUTRIM Divisions. The NUTRIM MT is appointed by the Dean of the FHML. The MT meets monthly. The Scientific Director has the full and integral responsibility for the School and reports to the Dean of FHML.

The NUTRIM Education Committee (EC) coordinates and advices on the PhD programme and consists of the PhD Student Coordinator (Dr. Roger Godschalk; chairman), the PhD Student Council and the NUTRIM Graduate Programme (NUTRIM GP) committee.

The thematic needs and expertise of the disciplinary departments is attuned every three months within the NUTRIM Institute Council involving the MT, the chairman of the EC and the department heads.

The NUTRIM PhD Student Council consists of seven PhD students of the different divisions supported by the PhD Students Coordinator and a member of the NUTRIM Office. NUTRIM provides an annual budget available to the PhD Council that is chaired by one of the members.

Collaborating Departments

NUTRIM's activities are carried out in cooperation with research departments and scientists of the UM Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences and clinician researchers of the clinical research departments * of the Maastricht University Medical Centre. 

NUTRIM's research departments

NUTRIM Research Community

NUTRIM consists of people who collaborate in research. Crossing borders between divisions and departments and in close cooperation with the MUMC+ hospital; we share knowledge, experience, skills and high tech facilities. NUTRIM’s international community builds on a lively international network of researchers, partners, alumni and students as well as on their professional networks. With this diversity of people, we have built a strong team striving for cross-disciplinary research and innovations leading to, high-quality solutions for patients. To the NUTRIM Staff Profile Pages

NUTRIM Network

The NUTRIM community is a diverse network that provides a sounding board between individuals sharing the same interests. The benefit of the strong NUTRIM network community comes from the ongoing professional connections, friendships and collaborations that are forged between people engaged in nutrition and translational research in metabolism around the world. These connections grow and consolidate within the network and offer supportive opportunities for each member to help solve issues in their own home countries. Part of our mission is contributing to the continuation of exchange of expertise in research, collaborations and partnerships that takes place within this network.

We annually report about our work, keep you updated through the NUTRIM newsletter, meet up at conferences, organise conferences and annual events such as the yearly NUTRIM symposium. And for our  PhD's we organise introductions, the NUTRIM thematic experiences, workshops, career- or social events.


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