Updates cyberattack

On 23 December 2019, there was a serious cyberattack against Maastricht University (UM). Since then, experts have been working hard to repair the damage and reactivate all systems. On this page you can find the latest update and an overview of all previous updates.

Update #21

24 January 2020

Although many students and employees are able to work again (for the most part) as they did before the cyber attack, the consequences of the hack are not over yet. The Executive Board therefore asks for some patience and understanding regarding issues that have not yet been resolved. Every day, dozens of colleagues are still working to restore everything as quickly as possible and as safely as possible. This update also includes information about the leniency arrangement for students who have been disadvantaged by the attack and the good news that the schedules for period 4 are available. It's also possible again to register online for an open day.

Many things are working again, but not everything

A month after the cyber attack, most employees can access their files on the central servers, use the internet, email and more. Students are able to attend classes, take exams, access the online library and more. See also the most current overview of which systems are already working and which are not available yet. At the same time, a system can sometimes work slowly, suddenly shut down or otherwise fail to meet the standards that the UM community is used to. This requires some patience from everyone and understanding for the colleagues who are working hard every day for us.

Schedules for period 4 available

The schedules for period 4 are now available for students. This is slightly later than usual, but no later than the previously announced date.

Leniency arrangement for students

For students who have been disadvantaged or suffered damage as a result of the cyber attack, there is a leniency arrangement. You can apply for this by completing the Application Form Cyber ​​Attack Leniency Committee on the website. Do this as quickly as possible, but at the latest within two months after the disadvantage or damage has become known. Submission is possible until 31 August at the latest. In principle, every application will be evaluated by the Executive Board within four weeks of receipt.

Registering online for open days

Prospective students who want to register for the upcoming Bachelor's or Master's Open Day, can do so online again. For this, you can visit the website of the Bachelor's Open Day on 8 February or the Master's Open Day on 7 March.  

Information desks and mailboxes for students and staff

As from 24 January, the temporary email addresses are no longer in use. (Prospective) students and employees can reach us through the regular communication channels again (please check the website of your own faculty / service centre or study programme you are applying for). Did you already send an email to a temporary email address and haven’t received an answer yet? Please send your question again to the contact address of your faculty / service centre / study programme and you will receive an answer as soon as possible. Students who have questions that are not answered in the FAQ and that are not related to their study programme, can send an email to study[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl.  

Staff members can address their units with their questions.