Cyber attack against UM

Maastricht University (UM) has been hit by a serious cyber attack. Almost all Windows systems have been affected and it is particularly difficult to use e-mail services. UM is currently working on a solution. Extra security measures have been taken to protect (scientific) data. UM is investigating if the cyber attackers have had access to this data. It is unclear how much time UM needs to find a solution, but it will definitely take a while for the systems to be fully operational again.

All UM buildings are closed until Sunday, with the exception of the research labs at UNS 50.


  • Students and employees can contact the ICT Servicedesk with any questions: send an e-mail to with your private e-mail address or call 043 38 85 101 (on 27 December, during office hours).
  • Media can contact UM press officer Fons Elbersen: +31 6 53944500.