Update #5: cyber attack UM

Education at UM can be resumed on January 6. Some important systems that are required for this will be available online again from 2 January. This primarily concerns information systems for students that are used for scheduling (inspection only), study materials (Blackboard / ELEUM) and the UM Student Portal as well. Availability does involve more limited functionality. Students will also have to change their password on all their devices from an external location, outside the UM WiFi network.

All exams and resits that were scheduled for the week of 6 January will take place. We realise that students did not have access to the educational environment, including the study materials, for some time. As a result, they may not have been able to prepare as well as they could have. The Executive Board and deans have decided today that there will be an additional opportunity for resits. The form and time of these resits will be announced as soon as possible. Work is also being done on a ‘leniency arrangement’ for students who have been demonstrably disadvantaged in any way by the cyber attack. The specifics (form and content) of this will also be announced soon.

IMPORTANT! Don’t use the systems!

It is of the utmost importance at this moment that students and staff do not perform any actions on UM computers or systems. This applies to both inside and outside the university. This is to avoid any risk for research and repair work and for data retention.

Our own IT people are working on getting our systems online again as soon as possible. UM is assisted by specialists from the renowned cyber security company Fox-IT. Fox-IT is performing the investigation and provides assistance. On the basis of, among other things, the results of that research, UM itself is working on getting the systems 'live'.

The Executive Board thanks the many colleagues who have worked incredibly hard in recent days to ensure that teaching can be resumed on 6 January.

Contact information

Students can contact UM Service Desk at /info@m-u.nl or +31 43 38 85 101 (on 31 December and from January 2 onwards (weekend also) from 09:30 AM to 5:00 PM).

Employees can contact their own unit through the following email addresses:
FHML: /fhml@m-u.nl
FPN: /fpn@m-u.nl
LAW: /fl@m-u.nl
FASoS: /fasos@m-u.nl
FSE: /fse@m-u.nl
SBE: /sbe@m-u.nl
Service centres: /servicecentra@m-u.nl
MUO: /muo@m-u.nl
(emails will be dealt with as from 2 January)

Media can contact UM press officer Fons Elbersen: +31 6 53944500.


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