Functioning, Participation and Rehabilitation

Within the research line Functioning, Participation and Rehabilitation (FPR) our mission is to study and manage functioning and participation of individuals in their context throughout their lifespan by developing and evaluating strategies for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis given that health(care), participation and wellbeing are crucial elements of resilient individuals and successful societies.

Research and impact

Understanding, maintaining and improving functioning, participation and well-being of individuals (given their individual and soci(et)al context is the focus of our research. If proven effective, findings are implemented in research and in daily practice through healthcare, research networks, the public domain of the (local) government and the living lab rehabilitation. The WHO’s framework of extended health and the International Classification of Functioning and Health serve as the main theoretical models to understand functioning and health in their context.


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Research Line Functioning, Participation and Rehabilitation participates in the following Living Labs:

Living Lab Rehabilitation
Living Lab Sustainable Care Limburg



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