Our research

CAPHRI has a passion for care and public health research. Our focus is on the innovation of interventions throughout the care spectrum from prevention and primary care to elderly care and rehabilitation.

We have systems in place to facilitate and support high quality research and help researchers to bring out the best in themselves.

Our COVID-19 related research initiatives

Our research lines

CAPHRI’s research is organised along six thematic oriented research lines (RL) in which researchers from different discipline-oriented departments come together to work in multidisciplinary teams.

Our Living Labs

CAPHRI has established long-term partnerships with local public health and healthcare institutes in the so-called Living Labs. In these labs CAPHRI researchers work together with care organisations, knowledge institutes, governments, local health councils and citizen representatives in research projects with a joint responsibility for the health and wellbeing of the citizens in our own Euregio Maas-Rijn.

Our projects and partnerships

Partnerships are key to our mission to create a healthy society for everyone. It is our conviction that innovations take place when people from different backgrounds, perspectives and capabilities meet and converge.

CAPHRI is traditionally well connected in the region and functions as a dedicated and innovative interface between local stakeholders, such as care organisations, knowledge institutes, governments and local health councils, citizens and researchers who work at CAPHRI.

From global to local

Successful research in care and public health often has an international perspective. Considering concepts and results of international research is essential, also for research focusing on the local level. That is why we are continually looking to establish and maintain strong research connections with our partners throughout the world.

From local to global

CAPHRI offers a world-class infrastructure to support care and public health research. Our researchers are internationally acknowledged. This is why we attract international partners who wish to collaborate for greater impact, efficiencies and knowledge sharing.


CAPHRI has a long tradition of cohort studies. CAPHRI holds or participates in numerous cohorts, in the field of Cancer, Diabetes, Influenza, Asthma/COPD, Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal diseases, lifestyle and genetic constitution, diabetes mellitus, Quality of Care, etc. For a full overview, please click here

Quality assurance

CAPHRI values the quality of its research and has therefore established a quality assurance system, has a quality officer and offers guidelines for research conduct and auditing. This includes reducing research that does not generate new knowledge (research waste) and establishing procedures to ensure that CAPHRI adheres to the institutional, national and European codes of Research Integrity.

Have a look at our Quality Assurance Guide