Optimising Patient Care

In view of advances in knowledge and changes in population demographics and health care, the research line Optimising Patient Care (OPC) wants to provide better insight in effective prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of diseases in (primary) care and public health. We want to turn questions arising from clinical and public health practice into evidence that is applicable in practice itself.

Research and impact

We carry out studies among patients in general practice as well as secondary and tertiary care, and public health settings, evaluating new and existing care elements and strategies. In addition, we run and study population-based cohorts in order to discover new targets for prevention. We have a strong interest in strengthening prevention in the region. We make use of the latest methodological approaches, including prediction modelling, meta-research techniques and machine learning; in the process of designing and performing studies, we often develop innovative quantitative methodology that can also be used elsewhere in clinical and epidemiological research.


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