Research at SBE


SBE research is challenge-driven. Our School provides a home to researchers working in disciplines ranging from business and economics to sustainability and governance, to address the complexity of societal challenges using multidisciplinary approaches.

The SBE-SDDG spearhead projects

Our current strategy is to focus on challenges related to Sustainable Development, Digitalisation and Globalisation (SDDG). With an emphasis on these areas, we stimulate the co-creation of knowledge with external stakeholders, taking into account the challenges our world is facing today. To help contribute to our strategic objective, we have created the SBE-SDDG spearheads. By combining existing knowledge at SBE in novel ways via these spearheads, we aim to co-create new knowledge in collaboration with non-academic stakeholders. 

Each spearhead addresses societal challenges in Sustainable Development, Digitalisation and Globalisation (SDDG). Their goal is to develop new research strongholds and provide knowledge and innovative ways of thinking to the academic community, companies, policy-makers and society.

Two graduate schools working together towards the same goal

The School’s greater emphasis on co-creation with stakeholders to increase societal impact can be illustrated by the integration of the Maastricht Sustainability Institute (MSI) and the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance (MGSoG), which became part of SBE in September 2019. Through this integration, we created our new graduate school named GSX.

Since 2011, the Graduate School of Business and Economics (GSBE) has been coordinating the Research MSc programme and PhD research supervision to increase the quality and attractiveness of the doctoral programme. For instance, GSX and GSBE are increasingly collaborating in joint PhD activities and internal conferences.

Both graduate schools are supported by the Research Support Office (RSO), which provides the infrastructure for proposal evaluation, grant writing, academic job placement and other research support facilities.


Linking fundamental and applied research

One trend in research that has become more visible and pronounced is a stronger link between fundamental and applied research. Research is increasingly evaluated on both its quality and its societal relevance and impact. Fundamental and applied research are equally appreciated within our School as both are needed to address current and future societal challenges.