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Department of Data Analytics and Digitalisation (DAD)

With the rise of big data and revolutionary progress in data science, companies, institutions and organisations have been making increasing use of data analytics to support their decision-making processes. Today’s business leaders, economists, politicians, academicians and, first of all, managers must be able to oversee the increasing complexity and digitalisation of all activities, whilst simultaneously following the developments in data analysis in order to efficiently set strategic objectives and properly assist in policymaking.


About us

The department of Data Analytics and Digitalisation (DAD) connects data science (mathematics, statistics, computer science, artificial intelligence) with business and economics research (finance, accounting, marketing, information management, operations, micro- and macroeconomics, policy design). We are responsible for conducting top-level research in data science for business and economics ranging from fundamental theoretical studies to applied industrial projects.

Our department provides excellent education at all levels: undergraduate, postgraduate and professional. In our educational programs and courses we prepare the knowledge workers of the future who do understand the digitalising environment, who are
able to critically assess the underlying model assumptions and existing business practices, and who do innovate continuously. We work together with various partners, like the Institute of Data Science, Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering, Brightlands Smart Services Campus, and external organisations and companies creating a strong regional and international data science cluster.

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