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Maastricht Observatory on Resilient, Responsible & Sustainable Enterprise and Economy

The Maastricht Observatory on Responsible, Resilient and Sustainable Societies, Economies and Enterprise (MORSE) is an initiative set up by Maastricht University which aims to mobilise and bring together researchers across Maastricht University and beyond around the challenge of building more resilient, responsible and sustainable societies, enterprises and economies in Europe and globally as three distinct but related challenges.

MORSE examines the need for adaptive or transformative arrangements in a changing world, specifically how enterprise, the economy and society can become more responsible, resilient and sustainable.

MORSE motivates and inspires researchers to work across disciplines and fields on complex, real-world questions, together with stakeholders. We call this Problem Based Research. By pooling the different expertises and via education, outreach and new research projects, MORSE aspires to having a visible and real-world impact in the transition towards resilience, responsibility and sustainability. MORSE closely works together with private corporations, NGO’s, representing organisations, the public sector and academic partners that all share a commitment to doing impactful research and making research impactful

MORSE Conference Call for papers

The call for papers of the fourth MORSE conference is open. Click here to get to know more about deadline and submission guidelines. 
Registrations will open soon on this page 

MORSE travel expenses fund

More information on travel resources can be found here.


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