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Department of Microeconomics and Public Economics

The Department of Microeconomics and Public Economics (MPE) hosts approximately 20 full-time faculty members and 20 PhD students. Their research focuses on topics in the areas of Microeconomics, Economic Theory, Public Economics, Political Economy, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics and Neuroeconomics.

The department is linked to many national and international research institutions. Some examples are:

  • BEELab (Behavioral and Experimental Economics Lab)
  • CIN (Centre for Integrative Neuroscience)
  • CTN (Coalition Theory Network)
  • EpiCenter (Research Center for Epistemic Game Theory‚Äč)
  • MU-CEN (Maastricht University - CEnter of Neuroeconomics)
  • Netspar Theme Project: Understanding and Improving Pension Savings

Section MPE

Fields: Microeconomics, Public Economics, Economic Theory, Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics 
Department Head: Kirsten Rohde
Secretary: Elke Lucas
Management: Joyce Gruijthuijsen


Secretarial office MPE:
Room A1.06B
Phone: +31 43 38-83636

Mailing address:
Department of Microeconomics and Public Economics
P.O.Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands