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Department of Quantitative Economics

The Department of Quantitative Economics teaches and conducts research in the areas of Economic Theory, Actuarial Science, Econometrics and Operations Research. Both in teaching and in research it achieves excellent standards. Recently (Spring 2011) one team of its students won the first prize in the Econometric Game, a competition between student teams of European top universities (including Oxford, Cambridge and Toulouse); another team won the second prize in a famous Operations Research competition (the “Nacht van Eindhoven”). The department hosts editors and associate editors of highly ranked international scientific journals, such as European Economic Review, Games and Economic Behaviour, Journal of Econometrics, …

The department is structured in three groups


  • Econometrics
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Operations Research

These groups cooperate in offering courses for various BSc and MSc programmes
The department offers courses in Quantitative Methods (Mathematics, Statistics, Operations Research) and various elective courses in all BSc programmes of the School of Business and Economics (SBE). It also offers courses in many master programmes, including the Research Master EFR (Economic and Financial Research). Besides, the department is largely responsible for the BSc and MSc programmes Econometrics and Operations Research, which currently (2011) has an inflow of 60 bachelor and 30 master students.

Econometrics and Operations Research combines economics and business with mathematics, statistics, econometrics and operations research, with a much larger emphasis on mathematical methods than standard economics or business programmes. It has specialisations in four directions:

  1. Actuarial Sciences
  2. Econometrics
  3. Mathematical Economics
  4. Operations Research

Focal areas of research are econometrics, game theory and social choice theory, mechanism design, and combinatorial optimisation.

The department participates in research programmes of:

  • SBE
  • Economic Theory, Behaviour, and Computation (ETBC)
  • Econometrics, Finance and Monetary Economics (EFME)

General Information and questions

The Department is located within the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University. For general information about programmes and questions regarding admissions please use our general contact point. 

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